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Prolog Mobile

Bringing Project Management to the Field


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bring the power of prolog to the jobsite

Prolog Mobile brings you the power of Prolog right where construction actually happens— in the field. Natively built for mobile devices, Prolog Mobile lets you access and capture critical Prolog project information straight from your iPad or Windows Mobile device. Prolog Mobile is a field tool which empowers field staff to leverage the features of Prolog construction project management software without any special integration.

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  • Daily Construction Reports
  • Work With or Without an Internet Connection
  • Punch List Tracking
  • RFIs
  • Safety Notices
  • Inspections and Tests
  • Events
  • Field Work Directives
  • Hot Lists
  • Issues
  • Notices to Comply
  • Document Viewing
  • Material Inventory


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stay connected, even when you are not

Prolog Mobile enables field staff to view current project information and to manage construction oversight activities, with or without an internet connection. Data is collected in real time from the field and synchronized with Prolog back in the office, creating a complete system of record for all project data.

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  • Record daily construction activities, weather and general conditions for each project
  • Reduce time required to complete a punch list
  • Reduce response time and impact on project schedule
  • Reduce safety violations and accidents through safety management
  • Verify compliance with required inspections and tests
  • Track production and milestone events
  • Reduce risk of surprise changes (for authorized work)
  • Track follow-up items
  • Create an issue history to record all information related to specific issues
  • Increase quality control on a project
  • Full access to the Prolog Document Management System
  • Document all deliveries and associated inventory