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Virtual Design & Construction Services

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BuildingPoint midwest VDC Services

BuildingPoint Midwest offers a wide array of professional services.  The services include Company Process Assessments and Strategic Planning, Building Information Modeling deliverables, BIM and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Process implementation, Estimating and Scheduling (4D and 5D) , and As-built Documentation through Laser Scanning.

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Company Process Assessments:

Have BuildingPoint Midwest’s AECO industry experts evaluate your company processes from BIM, Estimating, Scheduling and Project controls.  BuildingPoint Midwest will work with your various departments to understand your current processes and report on areas of potential enhancement and improvement.  Our process involves numerous one-on-one interviews with department team members which includes outlining process flow diagrams.  BuildingPoint Midwest will deliver at the end of the assessment a detailed company-wide process report that has a road map for implementing process improvements including potentially new software and hardware solutions.  Before implementing a new process or software solution we recommend a detailed review of your current processes.  Contact us to find out how our industry experts can help your company in the every changing AECO industry.

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Building Information Modeling Deliverables:

BuildingPoint Midwest can help your company both in the creation and management of BIM deliverables on projects.  From 2D to 3D conversions to modeling of existing conditions based on laser scanned data.  BuildingPoint Midwest offers competitive model creation services while delivering high quality information.  Let us provide that extra wow factor in your project acquisition stage through the creation of project specific logistics or other business development models.  On projects we can model to your needs and create deliverables that range for coordinated models to 2D layout drawings.  We can model everything from Architectural and Structural systems to detailed MEP components and even specialized system models for the use in prefabrication efforts.


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business development

BIM deliverable pricing is specific to your project needs and requirements and we can provide both T&M and Lump Sum pricing options.  No BIM project is too small or too larger for BuildingPoint Midwest to handle.  Below is a sample list of some of the types of project and clients that BuildingPoint Midwest has worked with.

Project Types:

  • K-12 Schools
  • Higher Education
  • Stadiums / Event Centers
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Light Industrial


  • Architects
  • General Contractors
  • Construction Managers
  • Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Trade Contractors
  • Concrete Trade Contractors
  • Metal Stud Framing Trade Contractors


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Virtual Design and Construction Process Implementation:

VDC is the process of using BIM tools to virtually design and build your project.  Increase project productivity through the creation of a project BIM and coordinate the flow of work in a virtual environment that can be easily replicated in the field.   From project coordination via Tekla BIMsight to model based estimating and scheduling via Vico Office, BuildingPoint is your go to resource to help companies and project teams with their VDC process implementations and specific project needs.  BuildingPoint Midwest can also help to lead the VDC process across your project from acting as the BIM coordination lead to managing your Integrated Project Delivery team. 

  • Let BuildingPoint Midwest help you understand what is being asked for on a project around BIM deliverables including contract review and process scopes.
  • VDC creates a collaborative project environment that leverages the project BIM deliverables as a communication tool.
  • Stop prototyping your project in the field, instead prototype it virtually to better impact your project budget and schedule
  • Use the project BIM deliverables to visualize your project Schedule and Budget
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Estimating and Scheduling Processes:

Let BuildingPoint Midwest’s services group make the most out of your investment in WinEst, Modelogix and Vico Office. Our experts can help your team get up and running with the software solutions creating company standards and templates. We can help in the creation of early model based conceptual estimates and schedules for the use in the business development efforts all the way through updating project schedules based on actual day-to-day production information. By engaging BuildingPoint Midwest to provide project BIM deliverables we can show you how to maximize the data in them for a more integrated estimating and scheduling process.

  • Improve collaboration amongst the entire project team.
  • Reduce project financial risk and exposure.
  • Single system of record enabling delivery of projects on time and on budget.
  • Gain visibility into the movement of project dollars with cash flow forecasting.
  • Streamline routing and approvals with predefined or ad-hoc workflow.

As-built Laser Scanning and Model Creation:

BuildingPoint Midwest provides on-site laser scanning services for projects throughout the Midwest.  The service includes the scanning of an existing facility, registering of the scanned data and production of an as-built model.  We offer competitive scanning solutions that are priced on a per project basis to capture the specific project needs and deliverables.  No project is too small or too large for our scanning services team.

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Hotels
  • Historical Building
  • Hospitals
  • Light Industrial Plants
  • Specialized MEP system scans


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